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Rosabella, or BAM - BAM, but mainly call me Bella. Italian born living in England. TWENTY IN TWO WEEKS...BRING IT ON. 5'7", black haired and green eyed, a professional day-dreamer and time waster. I love fashion and pretty things; flowers, pink, scarves, and old photo's dominate me. I relish in being different - there's only one belladear. I'm from Italy (Napoli) yet adore France, my best friend is part french which illustrates my obsession (but my parents love her because she's part Italian). Lives on coffee, doesn't eat meat, tries not to eat much at all. Doesn't need drama and knows she's stuck up. Loves fashion and models, needs affection and attention to feel upbeat. Is openly shallow - those who aren't obsessed with the outward values are usually ugly - get over it. Speaks funny, makes up her own words, spits in the face of correct grammar and punctuation, hates know-it-all's with a passion. Loves to read, would flatline without music, jumped on the boho-chic bandwagon before you could even blink, owns 47 pashmina's to date.

Graphics. Loves photoshop like i gave birth to it and art's like a mofo. France and Russians. Redheads (jealous much?). Cintia Dicker, Lily Cole and Natalya Piro are pure love. Tanning is better than being pale and interesting anyday, i wish i was in Brazil so i wouldn't look out of place. Can ramble like nobodies business. Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Justin Timberlake, Jamie T, Amy Winehouse and Jack Penate forever please. I sometimes wish Johnny Cash was my father - how's that for strange. Walk the Line and Joaquin Phoenix are the best, as is Lost in Translation, Amelie, ESOTSM, Garden State and Aladin. I wish i had a doll face at times. Alessandra Ambrosio is my idol, i won't try and hide my obsession with her. I love summer because i can indulge in hilbily cut offs. I won't talk about my hates because i'm trying to be positive as ever.

Do we have things in common? Do you like the sound of me (so to speak)? Then add me, comment and i shall add you back no foolin'. BUT I hate drama, i don't need any more of it in my life right now so leave it at the door. I have an E.D so if you have problems with that then don't add me, yes I do have other interests apart from that (shock horror) so again don't fixate on (seemingly) negative thing about me. Talk to me, get to know me, and just don't be a big stranger if you friend me? Thanks ♥

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